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When lives are at risk only the best

will be good enough.

Today, almost 50 years later H.H Smith Founders & Engineers (Pty) Ltd now Trading as Flash Fire Fittings manufactures a wide range of firefighting related equipment.  

Our vast product range caters for the budget conscious, through to the professional high end user.

All aspects of production are overseen by our Technical Director Valin who is the grandson of Horace. Valin has worked at Flash Fire for 25+ years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on all things firefighting related.  He has completed several advanced firefighter courses through Natref and Sasol. His experience in both the manufacturing and engineering side, as well as his practical skills on the fire training ground are invaluable and enable us to offer our clients more than just a product.  

We pride ourselves on our dedication to our craft which has been handed down over three generations. The “FireSmiths” brand is the proud culmination of 3 generations of Smiths in the firefighting industry.

This Website is still under construction, we are working on it daily to bring you our full product range.

H.H Smith Founders and Engineers (Pty) Ltd was founded in the early 1940’s by Horace Henry Smith.

A married man in his late 30’s with a young child. As the story goes,  around the time of 1941, during World War 2 Horace found himself unemployed. To make ends meet he started a small foundry in his backyard melting shell casings for the army.  He would re-supply the brass Ingots back to the army for new casings.  

We remain a Proudly South African manufacturer.

Specialist Manufacturers of quality firefighting


since 1941


011 613 6231

23 Brunel Road,

Tulisa Park,


From humble beginnings and with sheer determination the company went from strength to strength.  He was eventually joined by his two brothers, Victor and Ernest, and together they started manufacturing firefighting equipment.  Up until that time nobody in Africa was manufacturing firefighting equipment and everything was imported from The United Kingdom. In 1956 Horace relocated the business to present premises in Tulisa Park, Johannesburg. In 1961 the son of Horace, and current Managing Director Ken Smith joined the company.

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